This Russian Lady Kim Karadashian Has The Most Electrifying Body On Planet Anastasiya Kvitko


Russia model called Anastasiya Kvitko and this is the answers of Kim k. 22 years old Kim k simply looks like a Kim k in respect of her most bounteous curves, although Anastasiya Kvitko, claims that she never experience any plastic surgery to get her well-formed curves.

Now Anastasiya lives in Los Angeles where she claims that voluptuous the reality TV superstar Kim K is a matter of time only as she considers that her body is more perfect than Kim.


This Russian model has a vital statistic of 37.4-inch bust, 24.8-inch waist, and 41.3-inch hips and she explains from the very beginning that she didn’t face the surgeon’s knife as it is being squabbled in her country.


The journey of this model is difficult as she faced several trials and trouble When she first moved to Miami, one of the modeling agencies told her to lose weight, but she denied doing so and now.


A state-owned Russian news agency was asked her by Sputnik, to disclose the reason for her popularity. Anastasiya answered beautifully as he thinks because of her feminine forms. She also added that it is because of the boom of Kim K.

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