How Plastic Surgery Dramatically Changed These Celebrities


Today it’s not crucial to possess some sort of talent to be famous. Very often, your bright look can make you a star. Some people choose this way to gain popularity and fame.

Bright Side found 10 celebrities who changed too much after numerous plastic surgeries.

10. Caitlyn Jenner, 67

9. Janice Dickinson, 62

8. Tori Spelling, 44

7. Ashley Tisdale, 32

6. Mary-Kate Olsen, 31

5. Lindsay Lohan, 31

4. Megan Fox, 31

3. Rumer Willis, 29

2. Kylie Jenner, 20

1. Bella Thorne, 20

She had her first lip injection when she was 16, followed by a rhinoplasty the next year. She later had breast implants. Maybe she thinks that the changes in her appearance might increase her popularity.