15 Fascinating Facts About Michael Bay’s Transformers Movie Series


1. Real soldiers in the movies.

We all know that Transformers films have many scenes where the military is shown. The interesting thing is that the United States military allowed the producers to use real military vehicles and also some soldiers.

2. Weight gain for Megan.

The entry of Megan Fox in the Transformers series certainly increased the excitement of the fans, but she was too skinny to get the role according to the director Michael Bay. So, she had to gain 10 lbs in three weeks to get the role of Mikaela Banes.

3. Permanent mark of Transformers

Tyrese Gibson has admitted to the fact that he loves Transformers. He played Sgt. Robert Epps in the three live-action movies and has even got a permanent tattoo of an Autobot on his arms.

4. Megan didn’t know how to ride bikes.

We know that Megan had many amazing scenes featuring bikes in the movie, Revenge of Fallen, but before the movie, she did not know how to ride a bike. So she had to practice a lot before riding in the film.

5. Linkin Park’s request for the song.

According to Megan Fox, the famous rock band Linkin Park requested for a song in the film when she was attending one of their concerts, and that’s how we got “What I’ve Done.”