Dangerous For Health To Stand Up And Drink Water


Water is one of the most essential elements for the human body, everyone is aware of the benefits of drinking water. It will be known to all the people how much water should be consumed throughout the day and what are its benefits. We are always told that after drinking water every morning after getting up and drinking two glasses of water, it makes the inside of the body more active and the glow comes on the face. Along with this, there is also a whole internal cleaning of the body. Everyone knows how much water is necessary for us, but do you know How should we drink water? In fact, most people drink and drink water, which causes many side effects on our body.

Ayurveda also has time and quantity for drinking water. If water is drunk incorrectly or drunk in excess quantity, it can also damage the body. Drinking water before sleeping can save you from serious illness like heart. Drinking water before sleep keeps the heart normal and protects against heart attack.

When we stand and drink water, it becomes easily flowing and after a large quantity goes down into the food canal, it sprayed on the lower abdominal wall. When water is consumed and water is consumed, then the water passes through the kidneys rapidly, without further losses. This can cause dirt in the bladder or blood so that there are diseases of the bladder, kidney and heart. This damages the stomach wall and surrounding organs. Due to this happening for a long time, the digestive system and heart and kidney problems occur.

You will be surprised to know that if water is raised and drunk, then it spoils the balance of other body fluids. Ultimately, it also reduces the required fluid in the joints and joints. This causes problems like joint pain and arthritis. This can cause irritation and ulceration diseases in the chest. It badly affects the lower part of the body.