The Most Beautiful Interiors In San Francisco

The Most Beautiful Interiors In San Francisco

We asked checked SF readers to nominate buildings with the foremost lovely interiors, move the question, “What interior areas cause you to say, ‘whoa’?”

The readers’ picks that rolled in didn’t bilk, from hotels to churches to bogs. And one factor we have a tendency to learned is that a visit to the tooth doctor workplace is formed somewhat less painful by the awesome interior decoration of 1 artistic movement structure.

And now, the twenty most lovely interiors in metropolis, as chosen by checked SF readers, listed so as from west to east, furthermore as a number of places elect by our editorial employees.

1 The Salon Doré at the Legion of Honor

The best example of French neoclassic interior design within the us, the Salon Doré (which stirred from the Hôtel Delaware La Trémoille in France) at the Legion of Honor is presumably the foremost beautiful space all told of metropolis.

2 Holy Virgin Cathedral

Also called the thrill of All WHO Sorrow, this Greek Orthodox Church is one in all the biggest of its kind outside of Russia. the inside options vivacious mosaics, elaborate non secular paintings, and a crystal lighting fixture.

3 Conservatory of Flowers

Ever since 1879, the conservatory of flora has dazzled several with many species of flowers and plants. This Victorian-era beauty has been promoting counterculture well before the hippies and their patchouli-laced summer of affection.

4 Rossi Pool

Built in 1956 by H.C. Bultmann, this house was designed within the modernist vogue with artistic movement details. Most noteworthy is that the ceiling with exposed beams and particularization.

5 San Francisco Columbarium & Funeral Home

Inspired by the Columbia Exposition of 1893 in Chicago, creator physiologist J.S. Ca-hill designed this beautiful lyric to the deceased leading to a structure that’s lovely within and out. The eight rooms on the bottom floor bear the names of the mythological winds. Six of the bottom floor rooms boast beautiful glass in style. A home for the dearly departed has ne’er looked therefore alive.


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